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Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere

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     Spheres of crystal and stone have been used for scrying, divination and meditation. It acts as lens to intensify the intention of the practitioner. While scrying is most commonly performed with a crystal ball, it may also be done with any smooth surface that is  reflective, translucent, or luminescent. Various stone spheres also emphasis their own energies such as carnelian that wards off negativity or quartz that brings clarity and balance. Rose Quartz is a stone of gentle warmth and love, healing emotional wounds and pain with its gentle calming energies. It opens the heart to the beauty within and all around us allowing us to begin our healing by reducing resentments. It is very powerful even though its pink. It gently allows us to feel the allness of Love, which is the essence of the universe. It calms the mind and emotional body releasing concerns or worries. Because of this it is extremely soothing to young children or anyone that suffers maladies of the heart. Facilitators can use this to help their clients to feel the power of the universe and those that meditate with it will feel the power of Love as is stronger in the gem form.

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