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Hematite Tumbled Stone Pendant with Gold-Plated Bail

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Hematite comes in many forms but all have the ability to absorb and radiate laser light equally, which is only one of its physical miracles. Emotionally it gives what it gets. It is excellent for the strengthening focus and helping those who are easily distracted. Hematite, in its natural form bonds the energies of different materials; this is why it is excellent with magnetic material. It helps us to join the disassociated parts of ourselves allows our gifts to rise and sparkle. Hematite is perhaps most noted for its magnetic qualities, but within the magical world it is highly prized for its ability to ground energy. It can help stabilize and balance moods, emotions and the general currents of energy it is around. Some have also used it in divination by gazing into the stone with the light of a candle.

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