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Birch - Sweet Oil

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The Birch oil comes from the Birch tree which has amazing white bark and is the first tree to sprout in spring and acts as a pioneer tree being the first to grow in a new area cleared by glacier, fire or man. These qualities of the tree makes Birch oil good for promoting strength, fertility, rebirth and renewal. Its white bark representes the purification and cleansing properties, the blessings of the Goddess and the strength and resilience of its beauty. Birch branches were used to strike the evil out of people or to make bromms to remove negativity. Birch Oil can help with new begiinings, fertility and connection to spirits. Place the oil on your temples to aid with the calming of emotions. For an effective new beginning use Birch Oil, Sage Oil and Sandalwood Oil to annoint a white candle. Carve your intentions for the new beginning into the candle and burn it on the New Moon. Wear the fragrance to remind yourself of the new beginning. To make a strong Summoning Oil use Birch Oil, Frankincense Oil, Myrrh Oil, Sandalwood Oil and Clove Oil annoint a moonstone and hold it as you call upon the spirits.

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