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Jasmine Flower

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Jasmine comes from the Persian word "Yasmine" which means Gift from God. It blooms at night and has a sweet and strong aroma that earned its name "Quee of the Night". Jasmine has been used to invoke passion and its calm and sensuous energy is perfect for attracting spiritual love and sensuality. It is a magnet for abundance and beauty. It has been used to enhance divinaton, dreams and prophecy whether in meditation or sleep.  Jasmine gives wings to prayers and is an offering for spirit that invokes purity and innocence. Use Jasmine Water to cleanse and purify your body or space. To make Anti-Anxiety Tea mix Jasmine, Passionflower and Chamomile.  To Make a Sleep Sachet place Jasmine, Lavender, Agrimony and Mugwort in a bag and place under your pillow.

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