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Stephanie Reading

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Stephanie is a Priest within Temple Of Growth Advancement (TOGA),  Reno Magick and is the residing Aphrodite Priestess for The Temple Of Aphrodite Reno. She has been with the Reno Magick community for 6 years and is Misty's right hand woman for the store. Stephanie is also a health and life coach in addition to her work in the shop and temple. She is passionate about helping people through spirituality, love, compassion and empowerment. Her tarot readings are focused on the here and now and how you are relating to the world, how you can move forward, what would be beneficial to pay attention too and where your energy is blocked.

Stephanie Offers:

30 minutes for $40

60 minutes for $80

45 minutes for $60 (Couples)

Please note that prices can be subject to change.



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