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Black Elk Speaks by John g Neihardt

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History of North American Indians and Eskimos from pre-historic times. Amply illustrated; 13 chapters: 1, The First Indians: Finding a New World; 2, Lost Indian Civilizations: Kingdoms of the Sun; 3, North America in 1500; 4, The Southeast: The Five Civilized Tribes; 5, The Northeast & Great Lakes: Woodland Warriors; 6, The Great Plains: Nomadic Horsemen; 7, The Southwest: Planters & Herdsmen; 8, Great Basin, California, Plateau: Foragers & Gatherers; 9, The Northwest Coast: Traders & Fishermen; 10, The Subarctic: People of the Caribou; 11, The Arctic: Dwellers in an Icy World; 12, Contemporary Indians: Renaissance of an Ancient People; and, 13, Seeing Indian History.

Used. Torn book sleeve. Book in good condition.

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