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Earth Fluid Condenser (1 Dram)

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 - Physical Healing - 
A lot of the herbs in the mix are used for magickal healing.  One report was that a piece of glass which had been lodged in a foot so long the wound had closed over it worked its way out of the body within 72 hours of beginning to use EFC (Earth Fluid Condenser)

 - Money - 
Many of the herbs are also used to summon or attract money.   EFC Users are theoretically taught how to find and attain money through the spirit medicine of the herbs.

 - Manifestation - 
Most "money" herbs are also manifestation herbs.  This is because plant spirits are generally uninterested in the concept of money; however manifesting their needs is a powerful magick that a plant needs to survive.   Water, Sun, Protection from Predators.   Herbs known by our ancestors for their magic with manifestation have been included and offer their spirit medicine to EFC users.

 - Fertility - 
If you use EFC and you don't want a baby condoms are strongly recommended.  Do NOT trust hormone based birth control when using EFC.

 - Ancestor Work -
Many ancient cultures believed that the ancestors reside deep below inside the earth.  Some cultures even have complex arguments that at death the person splits into 3 parts.  One part descends to join the ancestors, one part ascends to touch the heavens and one part goes through a process to prepare to be born anew.    Our experience with EFC aligns with this story as putting EFC on can open one to connection with ancestral wisdom or much much more with open mediums.   This tends to be stronger when the EFC is placed on feet.   In particular a specific part of the foot which is commonly recognized as a gateway to open a person to ancestor work.

What is a Universal Fluid Condenser?

(This price is the for the medium bottle in the picture with about 33 applications)
Earth Fluid Condenser is an intentionally imbalanced universal fluid condenser.  It has 9 Earth Herbs and a sign air, fire and water herb and other components to create a magickal "life" of sorts.  In this case because of the imbalance the effect is very specific to earth energies.

Universal Fluid Condensers are pretty amazing concoctions that seem to generate magickal energies.  Multiple theories exist as to HOW they do this.  One popular belief is based on a concept of Aether whereby the UFC converts this Aether into energies we can use magickally.   Other people believe that Aether is the essence of magick, and the UFC doesn't really change it as much as attract it for our use.   The effect seems to weaken eventually, but well made UFCs will support recognizable charges for weeks, months or even years.

The most obvious use is to simply put some on your hands or chakras prior to doing energy work or some activity that you want a "boost" for.   Most energy perceptive persons will recognize a distinct difference in their energy before and after.

Other uses include activating and empowering magicks.   For example, the Satchets, Scrolls, Enchanted Jewelry, Focii and Other Enchanted Items we sell are almost always activated with a Condenser for their purpose.  While we have Condensers available for many different purposes, a Universal Fluid Condenser is generally acceptable for most everything.   We can safely use the Universal Fluid Condenser to replace almost any other condenser and support a successful spell.

Finally, if you want to enchant an item or bind a spirit into an object, Universal Fluid Condenser is an EXCELLENT annointing fluid.   Scott's first bound spirit was as simple as he started thinking about what kind of spirit ally he would like in his staff and started coating the staff with the Universal Fluid Condenser.  Like lightning to a lightning rod, a spirit jumped in eager for the task and duties and is still one of Scott's allies to this day.

Other Names for this effect are magick condenser, spell fluid, liquid manna, liquid aether, liquid mana, Liquid Chi and Liquid Qi

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