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A Reluctant Spirit : A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian

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"Berry's intriguing debut memoir suggests that belief in the paranormal, including ghosts and psychic experiences, can be reconciled with orthodox Christianity...Present tense narration and convincing dialogue make for a gripping account..." - Kirkus Review What Happens When Ghosts Confront a Religiously Narrow Skeptic? In this true story, the author joins a TV news crew and paranormal investigators as the team's impartial observer. Their first stop is central Nevada's fabled Goldfield Hotel. This 12-hour, overnight odyssey in the long-shuttered, four-story hotel pulverizes her beliefs that the paranormal is evil or figments of the weak-minded. It also threatens her fragile health as she struggles with constant pain and extraordinary weakness from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In the Goldfield, eerie activity confronts her on every floor. Kathy hears, feels and sees spirits-and they aren't what her pastor preached or Hollywood depicted. The group's psychic tells her that Goldfield has opened Kathy's third eye. Having an evangelical background, Kathy must face her years-long denial that she possesses a sensitive's gifts and,therefore, may be bound for hell. A Reluctant Spirit:A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian relates how this night wrenches her reality, impacts her health, and leads to her spiritual transformation. Kathy shares insights into the mysteries of life after death, why coincidences do not exist, and why we should heed our intuition. About the author Kathleen has worked with ghost hunters, psychics, mediums and scientists for 12 years, ever since the local community college(her employer)started offering paranormal classes. Although her responsibilities primarily comprise marketing noncredit courses, she's the manager of the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, coordinating it since 2008. She writes a weekly blog at

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